Sunday, April 23, 2017


it's been sooooo long, but it's the day after earth day and i thought, i really need to get a post up and this is so fitting. last month (and last minute) i planned a little road trip back to the mojave dessert. last septmenber, i went and wished i could have done more. one early friday morning we left in the wee hours of the morning to the mojave. the first stop was hole in the wall visitor's center.

isn't it cute.

happy pink cactus.

rings loop trail

i knew there was a trail here that had rings you could climb. honestly, i did not know how it was going to be. i saw a few pictures but that really does not tell you anything. surprisingly, it is kind of intense. you have to go up and over a butte. there are 2 sets, and you could really fall and hurt yourself. also, the footing is kind of tricky. at one point, you have to swing your body to move up. it was a lot of fun, but i definitely don't recommend it for people who have minimal strength or little kids. it was definitely worth the itty bitty half mile walk. there's more pictures of me than usual, so prepare yourself.

rings loop trail

me and the butte.

the next stop was kelso depot. i have been here before, but wanted my dad to see. we are both history buffs. this time, it was a lot busier. also i made the mistake of going the long dirt road path. it took us a lot longer, but it was an experience?

after was the kelso sand dunes. once again, i have been here before but only reached the sand and turned around. dusk was catching up. this time i had hoped to reach the top and even had a walking stick. i knew walking on sand was going to be hard, but not that hard. especially the uphill. in the end, i did not make it to the top, but i was still happy with how far i had reached. it's crazy how there are these random dunes just 3 hours from los angeles.

me and my fancy stick.

this was the last activity we did for the day. we drove back to barstow to spend the night. we planned for the next day to go to calico ghost town (expect a future post who knows when). after we checked in our hotel, we looked for dinner. we ended up going to di napoli's firehouse, a cute little italian restaurant filled with fire fighter memorabilia. i got my favorite desert ever, tiramisu. it's classy & caffeinated.

now for a song! this song is pretty & haunting (just watch the music video). when looking for this song i ran into a version with a choir. i'm a sucker for choirs. 'i found' by amber run. enjoy!