Thursday, March 23, 2017


on the way there and back, my aunt and i stopped at a few roadside attractions. on the way there, we saw primm. never knew this little casino town existed. there was not much that interested me, but there are some tacky roadside attractions. i love stuff like this.

primm, nevada

seven magic mountains.

our first real stop was leeds, a little town in utah. here there is silver reef, an old silver ghost town. the first stop was the civilian conservation corps (ccc) camp. the ccc was a public work relief program enacted during the great depression. it was part of fdr's new deal. in leeds, men built bridges and roads to st. george, the nearest big-ish city. this was exciting for me, because i have never known a ccc camp to be preserved.

the men built their temporary buildings out of the local sandstone.

inside the wells fargo vault. the bank is also the silver reef museum (c.1877)

you know how much i love little cute post offices.

ruins of the ghost town.

about another 45 minutes is springdale, the closest city to zion. the city really thrives off the buzz of the national park. the city also has a cute little visitors center.

in springdale, there are plenty of cute little shops

the first night, we had a quickie dinner, but for the second we treated ourselves. we went to a mom & pop diner/saloon in springdale. 

i got root beer, rainbow trout, vegetables and rice. for dessert, i got bumbleberry pie.

the next morning, we went to grafton, a ghost town. honestly, i expected more to see. the abandoned buildings were somewhere around here, but we couldn't find them.

the next stop was this little roadside attraction we saw along the way. it's called fort zion and apparently is open during the warmer months. what it is exactly, who knows, but i really like the whimsical buildings.

i also didn't notice a little beauty looking back at me.

he's adorable.

we have sinclair gas stations in southern california (it's a relatively new thing) and every station has its own dino statue. ever since i have laid my eyes on one, i've wanted to sit and take a picture with one.

my dreams finally came true in hurricane, utah.

the last roadside attraction was hlavka's bronze mustangs in ivins, utah. this was a bit hard to find. we first ended up going through this strange little planned community (it was the address to his studio instead, oops). we then found the correct address and almost passed it. turns out it is in the middle of a traffic circle, but if you strategically take a photo you can fool anyone.

we then just ordered a dairy queen blizzard, drove home, and called it a day.

now for a song. i never was into this type of music (i don't know how to describe it), until i started watching shameless. i describe it as soundtrack music. it's a baby between purity ring and bjork. my favorite part is when the guy sings. anyhoo, enjoy! 'time' by young wonder.

and as an added bonus. fuck trump (on the way home passing vegas).

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