Thursday, March 9, 2017


this was last month, but i needed to finish watching 'how to get away with murder.' i needed too. anyhoo, i had been wanting to go to zion national park for a while now. it was a bit last minute, but i i took advantage of a three day weekend. once again, yay for government holidays. from la la land, it is just a little over a 6 hour drive, not too bad for passing through 4 states (california, nevada, arizona, & utah). 

it was a bit chilly (and unfortunately rainy the entire time), but it was not too bad. i did not think of it worst than summer but just different. it would be nice to see the sandstone in the sunlight, wade in the river, sit at the front porch to see the stars, and see the greenery, but there are some great things you can only experience during the colder months. you can see the low clouds/fog curl around the columns, use the cabin's fireplace, and see the waterfalls. so many waterfalls.

before this trip i did not see myself as a hiker, so we stuck with the easier trails. we took one moderate trail to see the emerald pools, the kayenta trail. there is an easier trail to take, but it was closed due to rock slides. i am so glad we went on this trail though! it was messy (such thick, red mud) and a bit scary (narrow walkways), but it was fun. i would like to try more challenging trails in the future.

kayenta trail

the craziest waterfalls we saw,

one of my favorite parts of the kayenta trails is the sandstone walls you can walk between.

one of the emerald pools (more pool less emerald). i also don't remember if this is the higher, lower, middle.

i was a bad person and stepped off the trail, but you get to see over the edge of the waterfall. this was my absolute favorite part of the kayenta trail. i sped off from my aunt while she struggled (sorry about that) and was able to take a few minutes by myself. i enjoyed the solitude. my aunt than caught up and snapped this photo.

my shoes after the kayenta trail.

weeping rock.

heading towards the boardwalk trail. this trail allows you to stay closer to the river.

i love all the different colors of rocks everywhere.

a lonely leaf.

there was not much greenery. i expected more, but i think the rain and cold killed all the plants.

the narrows. obviously due to all the rain and the cold you couldn't walk through.

crazy rainbow fern. it reminded me of this children's book :)

i did not see much wildlife, but i did see wild turkeys.

random, but i also tried prickly pear candy. my critique: the flavor was okay (just fruity really), but the texture was not right. the outside would crumble in your mouth like a sugar cube, but the center was jelly, not gummy or chewy. it confused my mouth.

we stayed in a cabin at zion lodge, the only accommodation located inside the park. i loved it! it was smaller and simpler than what most people would probably want, but perfect for me. i don't need a lot for a hotel. we did not have a tv (which was great, it is way too much of a distraction when traveling). but we did have a porch and a gas fireplace. it was not the cheapest (especially for the off season), but it was definitely cheaper than the warmer months and was the same price or maybe even a little cheaper than if you stayed in the closest city, springdale. it was nice to be right up against the sandstone cliffs and to have a shuttle run by the nps right outside our cabin. i would love to revisit during the warmer months and stay there. then i could take advantage of the front porch!

my aunt being a creeper.

our wonderful little fireplace

so candid, right? i took advantage of the porch for 5 minutes before i said no and sat by the fire.

now for a song! the most popular radio station once you hit barstow is country, so i thought i would pick from that genre. i haven't listened to her album, but every single she releases i really like. reminds me of miranda lambert. a lot of country bugs the fuck out of me, but i love this side. maren morris and 'eighties mercedes.' next week i'll have a post on all our little roadside stops during this trip. enjoy!

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