Friday, February 10, 2017


so both of these were over a year ago (and therefore should be an archives post), but i thought better late than never.

now last january, i was in the pasadena area and decided to find something else to do. through google, i discovered the lummis house right off the arroyo secco. now off track, but i love this little parkway. it is the oldest freeway in western american (c. 1940), but so pretty. such old art deco style architecture and trees.

obviously it's a stone house. the property was bought in the late 1800s, but the house was completed in the early 1900s. it is a small place to visit, but so cool! the architecture and decor is interesting, and unlike what is traditionally found in a southern california home. it looks like a little castle. the house is ran by the la parks & rec and open on the weekends. what a little gem.

the front side (i think?)

and the other side.

a lovely reminder of different times.

i LOVED the inside of the house. i love the little quirky details, carved details, high ceilings, dark wood floors, stripped walls, ceiling boards,  large windows, and native plant garden. i will forgive that it is located in the valley. i have never seen a historic building i have wanted to live in more than this!

look at the windows, there are photo negatives!

a closer look.

because i am a ham.

during christmas of 2015, my sister and i drove to grandmother's house and every time we visit we see this rusty mammoth at the top of this hill. this time, we thought we would stop and see what the hell it is doing there. i left with more questions than answers, but thats ok.

also, there are dinosaurs, why not?

i love this picture. it looks like another planet (or jurassic park).

and more dinosaurs. 

a selfie with the mammoth.

anyhoo, i have a trip planned soon. til then, here is a song. this time i actually picked a recent song (gasp). 'on hold' by xx.