Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


it has become a tradition for me, but every year i write a new years post. the older i get, the more i appreciate these posts. i like to go back and read them because it's nice to see the year's highlights. i feel like things are a-changin. my priorities and frame of mind has changed. remember my aha moment post? even though i have not been as consistent with the my aha moment revelations, i still feel different.

first, the reflections. 2016 has been a good year. of course it had its ups and downs. this year i have introduced two new hobbies? (i really don't like calling them hobbies). the first half of the year, i read literature. remember my 'sam's reading corner' series. yeah, i need to get back into it. as i have expressed before, it was very fulfilling. for the second half of the year, i didn't read at all. i attempted richard wright's 'native son,' but i never finished it. i only completed the first chapter (there are only 3). now for the second half, i have been doing danzan ryu jujitsu. now i am not very good, but at least i am progressing. some days can be quite frustrating, but overall, i find it rewarding. i hope to test for my blue belt this month (but if am more realistic it will be february).  

fortunatelty, i have been able to do my favorite thing, travel. i was able to strategically work around my job to make time to do so.

in february, i went to portland, oregon (with other sorrounding cities, including visiting washington).

in july, i took a road trip to santa barbara.

in september i took a route 66 roadtrip to arizona.

in october i went to massachusetts (boston, salem, lowell concord)

and in november, i visited sacramento again.

now for 2017. 2016 was more about finding out what i wanted to do with my time, while 2017 is about actually executing it. i will be returning back to school. the first half, i will be killing myself with classes because the second half i will not be able to take any due to travel (i will expand on that later). i am working towards getting my paralegal certificate. i love law, but i do not want to be a lawyer.

also, 2017 will be a BIG year for travel (it's official, i got my time off). in spring, i will be revisiting washington dc. there are some places i want to see again, and others that are new. also, i may be going to zion national park, utah, very soon. the most exciting thing of all is my first solo international trip for 3 weeks. i will be visiting germany, czech republic, and poland, with some other day trips to other cities (yay long layovers). i am super super excited about that. i have been planning this since 2014, so it has been a long time coming!

beyond that, i spent the news years like any young adult; cleaning while watching chick flicks. this year, i watched legally blonde, bridget jones' diary, my best friend's wedding, and new year's eve. i love just spending the weekend organizing my life. it may be corny, but i feel like it is a good time to pick up good habits. also, did i mention i wore my sequin dress. while cleaning it's a lame tradition i do every year.

now for a song! i thought i would pick another song that is nostalgic to me. buble has a version and i never knew why i knew all the words. i realized it is because it is on the soundtrack of my best friend's wedding. my mom used to watch this movie all the time. enjoy!