Monday, December 26, 2016


one day late, but who cares. so this is really just a december / christmas festivities post. earlier this month, i spent a day in filmore, california. now you may ask, where is fillmore? it's a very small city in between santa clarita and santa barbara. the city is surrounded by agricultural land. in july, we drove past fillmore on our way to santa barbara. it looked so cute, i knew i wanted to come back.

the city prides itself for being a railroad town. the downtown was created when southern pacific created a station in 1887. today, the downtown is full of antique stores. really not much to do here, but there are historical buildings, cute shops, and a good walk.

the train station

this cute little thing was antique shop that sold train items and other random things. i got a cute little train depot ornament. i love train depots :)

inside the train antique store.

another cute antique store.

a random christmas tree.

a few times in december i went to disneyland. i love the christmas decorations they do every year, especially in california adventures. please excuse the pictures skipping day to night and back to day. these were taken over a few different days.

my favorite tree in the parks. it's more retro than old-fashioned.

underneath the tree.

i love little gingerbread houses.

hehe. he is licking the candy cane :3

a tree decorated with camping equipment.

i am so sad tower of terror is gone. stupid marvel is stupid.

a fancy yule log desert.

my favorite holiday attraction is the jingle cruise.

anyhoo, that was a little look at my december. i really do love christmastime. here are couples of random pictures.

my makeshift christmas tree. some tree stores will let you take the clippings for free!

this year i made scandinavian gingerbread birdhouses (and watched one of my favorite shows. the christmas special was soooo good).

now for a song. this song is sometimes celebrated as a holiday song, but most people won't recognize it. 'river' by joni mitchell is just so pretty (and a bit sad). i picked the glee cover. enjoy and happy holidays!

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