Thursday, December 15, 2016


the next day we headed to grass valley for the day, a good hour and a half drive northeast of sacramento. our destination was empire mine state historic park. the gold mine was open from 1850 to 1965. in total there are 367 miles of tunnels and if i am not mistaken, the tunnels are up to 11 miles deep. there are 2 main parts of the park: the cottage and the mineyard. the cottage (c.1890s) was the home of the owner and his family. this was not his main residence, but his home when visiting. the mineyard includes old machinery, administrative buildings, manufacturing buildings, and the mine itself.

there are tons of trees and pathways.

my sister smelling a tree. it must be a weird scientist thing.

pretty leaves!

the cottage.

we took a tour inside the cottage (it was the only way to look inside). it took up 45 minutes to finally get in the house. there were tons of people on the tour and i could not believe how people were treating the house. people were literally picking up the decor and sitting on the furniture. once i was able to look inside, me and my sister snuck out the back door to escape the tour.

the courtyard.

the greenhouse

then we walked towards the mineyard. i was not very excited for this part, but i actually enjoyed it much more than the house, there was a lot to see.

the administrative building.

isn't this very 'titanic'? you know what scene i'm talking about.

the mineyard

my absolute favorite part was seeing the mine tunnel. you can walk one story below and look down one of the tunnels. to make it even better, they had a little audio of mine work and donkeys! this may sound stupid, but i love the attention to detail. i did not know there had a mine tunnel open to the public. it was such a pleasant surprise.

down the mine tunnel

after, we got lost a few times and went to see the north star powerhouse. i thought there would be more to see, but it was still very nice. here there is also mining equipment and a river. it consists of a park and little museum (which was closed). the park was so cute and pretty. there was even a guy fishing. we took a little stroll, and headed back to davis (of course listening to 'hamilton').

for the first time i went to dutch bros. i love coffee so why not try a new chain? one thing kinda strange is the names. just look at their menu. i got the cocomo, a chocolate/coconut coffee. it was ok. i knew it was going to be more of a dessert drink. for what it is, it is good but i would never get it in the mornings.

that night we got dinner and stopped at a bookstore. i was so happy and pleasantly surprised to find a signed copy of my favorite book of all time, the outsiders! YAY. now i have 4 different editions: my ugly first copy, a better copy released a few years ago, the release of the first cover for the 40th anniversary, and now a signed 50th anniversary. i am really dreaming of the movie edition (i have the movie edition of rumble fish).

for the last day, we just hung out in davis and went shopping. look at this cool bench!

'westward ho christian soldier'

well it looks like i am going to have to change the music segment on this blog. youtube is doing something new and stupid. they don't allow many songs to be played outside of their site. instead, i guess i will just provide links?

anyhoo, i have been rewatching sense8. people either love or hate this show, but i really like it. it's different. my favorite characters are wolfgang, kala, and will. i also really love fernando. sense8  introduced me to macy gray's 'demons.' enjoy!

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