Thursday, November 17, 2016


this was my last day in boston. i decided to leave early so i could still see a good chunk of things. my first stop, was returning to the thinking cup.

also look at these beautiful trees in the boston common. it's crazy how a few days can make the trees more vibrant.

the big stop of the day was the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum. it's a little bit outside  of the city; it takes a subway and bus ride to get to. i really enjoyed my time here. the museum was interesting. who knew he was also a fellow historian and became a published author before he was president! it was a little smaller than what i expected (he is such a loved president), but the way the museum was laid out and information was presented was beuatiful. i love when it feels immersive and like you stepped back in time.

one of my favorite pieces. a scrapbook jackie kennedy made for her parents when she went to europe with her sister.

this quote really stuck with me and makes me think more since you know what happened last week :(

random, but near the bathrooms were some really cool prints. i love all the colors and the visible paint strokes :)

a shameless bathroom selfie. i have never taken a picture of me with all my gear.

the pavilion was absolutely beautiful. kind of strange, but i could see the blades of grass blowing in the wind in such a strange way. you could also see boston and bay in the distance.

after seeing the museum i headed back to the city. i actually had quite a bit of time left and got lost a couple of times. the next stop was visiting the boston tea party museum's gift shop. surprisingly, i didn't run into a lot of souvenir shops during my trip. now why the gift shop, but not museum? well, for starters you have to take a tour with a reenactor. for the most part i hate taking tours, and more so having to pay for them. i would rather do it on my own time. also, it seemed more like disneyland than a historically accurate museum, so i passed.

outside the boston tea party museum.

so pretty.

the last stop before heading to the airport was a highly reviewed italian restaurant, but it was closed. who knew so many places would be closed on columbus day? instead i went to another place that shall remain nameless (it was not very good). i was a bit bummed i did not get to try any authentic italian food, but oh well.

i love seeing old relics in a modern backdrop.

and then my trip was over. ta-da.

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now for the hostel. i stayed at hostelling international's boston hostel. i really like this company. there are some really great ones here in california. but i find their hostel's are either my absolute favorites (i.e. san francisco & sausalito), or least (i.e. portland and now this one). this one is not necessarily bad, just understaffed and super huge. i prefer smaller hostels. the customer service is better and you get to know the other backpackers more. i don't know how many people were in this one, but i rarely saw the same person twice.

now about the understaffing thing. check in was not until 4, but then you would be put on a waitlist to actually be able to check in. i waited 30 minutes to get an my key card. also, i discovered their was a guy in my room. now i don't mind co-ed rooms, but that is not what i reserved. it turns out mike reserved a female dorm and the worker did not check his id or room. the worker apologized, which was fine. also breakfast was not served until 7 (i'm out the door by then). i have seen hostels serve earlier. also, the workers (other than the worker mentioned in the above paragraph) were not friendly. now i feel i don't set high standards for customer service workers, but i absolutely hate when workers make you feel like you are wasting their time. i felt like this often.

anyhoo, now some good things. it was swanky, much nicer looking than i thought. you also could not beat the location. it is located in downtown boston right on the border of chinatown. there are 2 very close subyway stations: boyleston (green line) & chinatown (orange line). also, the rooms were very nice! probably my favorite. they actually boarded inbetween the bunks to create more privacy and included a little night light (so you could actually do your own thing when people were sleeping) and a little shelf. also, the lockers were huge! i could actually put all my stuff in there with plenty or room,.

overall, not a bad experience, i have just had better.

my bed and bunk.

now for a song. i will conclude my trip with the last song from hamilton. i really like this song for multiple reasons. firstly, christopher jackson's part is like listening to an angel. also, i really like the message. those who tell history are also a character of the story. who is telling the history affects the narrative. anyhoo, here is 'who lives, who dies, who tells your story.' enjoy!

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