Tuesday, September 27, 2016


this post will just be on the islands of the second cruise. for this one, we visited the western caribbean: haiti, jamaica, and mexico.

excuse the stranger.

our first stop was labadee, haiti. here, my family went out on a little boat and visited one of the tiny islands nearby. haiti was very different from the other islands. here, you were actually walled in to only see part of the island. you could only go in a little tourist designated area. the other islands, you could go anywhere on the island, but the only thing working against you was time. also, the people were very different. at times, they were quite aggressive. the shop owners would literally grab you and pull you into your store. it was kind of scary. anyhoo...

on da boat (with punch and rum without the rum)

i love this picture i took. it is of my sister.

a boat cut in half

the little market.

next was kingston, jamaica. here we just went to the beach. my family was very fond of going to beaches, me not so much. looking back, i wish i could have gone to a historical site.

a yummy coconut.

the last stop was cozumel, mexico. this is the one island where i actually picked what i wanted to do. i decided to go to san gervasio, the mayan ruins. now these are not like the epic ruins that most others go to. for that you have to get off the island. here is where the ix chel, the goddess of the moon, fertility, and medicine was worshipped. it was a pilgrimage site for mayan women.

a cool statue along the way

a wild boar

and a wild iguana.

a wild american

now for a song. this has absolutely nothing to do with this trip, but last week i watched the 25th anniversary rendition of miss saigon in theaters. it was amazing. i thought i would pick my current favorite song from the soundtrack, but unfortunately i can't insert the video for copyright reasons (fyi, it is 'thuy's death/you will not touch him'). this song is so epic and full of emotion. as back up, i pick the classic 'last night of the world' (this is my favorite version). enjoy!

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