Sunday, July 17, 2016


 since it was 4th of july weekend (and i get holidays off, yay), my aunt and i decided to take a little weekend roadtrip. on saturday we drove towards santa barbara.

on the way there we passed rancho camulos. i hope to visit when they are open.

our first stop was santa paula, a itty bitty railroad/agricultural town. here was a little memorial for the st. francis dam disaster (1928). the dam collapsed and flooded towns all the way to the coast (over 50 miles west). more than 400 people died. in santa paula, 2 police officers rode their motorcycles down the street to warn civilians. also, a couple years prior i visited san francisquito canyon, where the dam broke.

the memorial and train depot

random random random sexy bear.

 next was a quick little stop to santa barbara (we would be returning next day). up a 2 mile and one way road (eek) is chumash painted cave state historic park. it is definitely the smallest cal park i have ever visited (it is literally only a few rocks). the paintings are dated from the 1600s or earlier.

the viewing platform.

after we made our way up to solvang, a city founded as a danish colony in 1911. kind of a random place to find in california, especially when its neighbors with a spanish mission and an indian reservation. it is a fun little place to discover its quirkiness, grab a bite, and shop, but that's about it.

a replica of the mermaid statue in copenhagen.

my favorite place was a little embroidery shop called thumbelina. it is run by a little old man who wears suspenders and out of his mouth come inaudible words. i bought 2 cross stitching kits (a motivational quote one and a california desert scene).

lastly we drove to find a hotel to stay at. we ended up at lompoc, the chumash word for 'stagnant water' (or as i like to say, mosquito water). this was supposed to be one of the bigger towns in the area, but all it really has are small fields, a mission, and a federal penitentiary. lucky for us, we stated down the street from the prison. after chilling in the hotel room for a few hours, we headed to the flower fields. the week before there was a flower festival and june is supposed to be the peak of bloom. most of the fields were either dirt or green, but some had flowers. all were different colors of sweet peas.

my favorite are the deep purple.

man i wish i could do a redo. what a creep, but pretty flowers!

some other kind of flowers.

 also our hotel room was kind of strange. for decor, there were 2 pictures of creepy trees with creepy fog. spooky.

now for a song. recently i bought christ stapleton's newish album. now i like country, but i am picky. i really really dislike bro country. i prefer girl power country (like miranda lambert or dixie chicks) or the oldie twangy/bluegrass sound, and chris is this kind. the first time i heard him i thought he was  a little old man. my favorite song from the album is 'traveler.' enjoy!