Wednesday, June 1, 2016


it was that time of year again, when i visit my sister in hollywood while she is in town for the tcm festival. this is my fourth year i think but second time at the roosevelt hotel. you can see last year's HERE. i pretty much crash the room while she goes out watching screenings of classics in old cinemas. 

you will see a trend of tiles and me loafers. the welcome rug.

the lobby tiles

also look at the bathroom tiles! they are glorious.

and the view from our window. i thought it was cool.

first up was eating at the pig n whistle, a classic

i gave a big spiel last time, but hollyweird is not my favorite place, mostly because it is a tourist trap. not only is it over-hyped, but there are ton of people who want to solicit you and i just do not have the patience to be bugged. i want to be invisible. also the sidewalks are so small and people stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures of the stars. as you can see, i get easily irritated in hollywood. so i returned to the hotel and started reading pride and prejudice.

and down the creepy (and rather ugly) hallway...

was my wonderful little reading nook.

after hours in the hotel (and some sneaky shopping). i went with my sister to see one screening, 'a short history of widescreen cinema,' with special guest leonard maltin. i chose to go because i really wanted to hear maltin. i enjoy his podcast and what he has to say. honestly, it felt more like a college presentation (probably because it was more technical for my understanding), but they showed a clip of disney's 'sleeping beauty;' one of my personal favorites. i hope tcm screens it one year.

also it was really cool to see it in the egytpian theatre, a classic.

the movie ended late, like almost midnight. so we got to the hotel and knocked out. my sister had movies to see in the morning so i had an easy sunday morning and got some coffee.

but first took a photo.

then i went to the roosevelt pool, the tropicana. this was at like 9 in the morning, because later in the day it just becomes this obnoxious 'look at me' party with weird swanky music. this early it was only me, my mom and....

this little guy.

this picture will always remind me of the song purple rain. this one worker sang the only 2 lines he knew of the song for the entirety i was there.

definitely my favorite picture. what a magnificent wall.

and the mysterious door in the library. it leads to a little theatre stage.

anyhoo that was the end of my little vacation away from home. now for a song. this band is so hard to find information on, including any live performances on youtube, but it is so pretty. there are so many good songs, including 'salvage,' 'fears,' and their most popular, 'lost track of time.' but my most favoritest is 'crave.' i will say, this song does remind me of like a more modern and evolutionary post hardcore ballad (music from me high school days), so maybe that is why i like it? enjoy!

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