Tuesday, April 26, 2016


so as i said before, day 4 was mostly revisiting places from day 3 that were dampened due to bad weather (pun intended). originally, i didn’t really have much planned because we would be leaving to the airport mid day. after an hour of indecisive decision making, i decided to go back to the vista house because the views are supposed to be so great during clear days. fortunately for us it was a super clear day (and warmest day during the trip) and there were a ton of waterfall stops along the columbia river gorge.

the first was latourell falls. this is one the one waterfall where you could literally see it driving down the highway.

pretty flora laced rock walls.

the columnar basalt formations

we returned to the vista house and man was it worth it!

views of the gorge.

and more views of the gorge.

on our way back from the vista house, we stopped at several little enclaves or waterfalls that are less than a 1.5 mile walk each. there are so many little pretty places to see down the highway.

shepperd’s dell bridge (c.1914) and waterfall (same name)

a lucky little ladybug

bridal veil falls (maybe?)

some random waterfall we saw when we made a wrong turn to see an even bigger waterfall (which we were never able to find). that pose tho.

the vista house from afar

after all that, we made our way back to the airport and i had pizza!

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now for the hostel. we stayed at the hostelling international hawthorne portland hostel. i always have a really good time in hostelling international locations. as for my review, there was nothing really wrong with the hostel, it just was not my favorite. on its own, its great, but compared to other hostels, its average. i will also say, hostels are known for friendly workers. here, the workers may have been nice, but the manager was a bit of a scrooge.

the hostel is located right in the heart of the hawthorne district (a bohemian neighborhood). it was a bit of an older home, which was also furnished in grandma chic decor. this may sound like an insult, but it was one of my favorite things about the hostel. it was like the manager converted his grandma's old house into a hostel. 

the communal kitchen

this is part of their water system/art installation that uses rain water for grey water.

a little sitting porch in the front yard. the sign says, "hostelling international has always been rooted in the community, so we offer this cob bench as a gathering places."

now for a song. this song has nothing to do with trip, but i just like it. 'colors,' by halsey. also, tyler posey is in the music video and he is a little cutie. enjoy!

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