Saturday, March 26, 2016


because the weather changed up, i decided to switch the big drive to day 2. we woke up early in the morning to head out to the oregon coast, astoria.

a cup of coffee at the hostel.

also, the neighborhood cat sleeping on the hostel's porch (the cat was also welcomed inside)

the first stop was lewis & clark national historic park. in 1805, the lewis & clark expedition stopped here before seeing the pacific coast. 

sacagawea and her young son. had no clue, but later learned from a ranger at the visitor's center (who was from california) that her son was john baptiste charbonneau, a pivotal person from california history. he contributed to the development of american occupation in california and was mayor of a mission.

a flag at fort clatsop, named after an indian tribe that helped the expedition

weird stuff growing

i later asked a ranger why there was a plastic flamingo along the trail. he said that it was part of a bird watching program. it allows the kiddos to be a winner because its hard to identify a real bird in real time. he said if i found the flamingo, i could get a sticker. i picked out a sticker :D

i really enjoyed the national park even though the history aspect was a lot smaller than i thought. because of this, we walked a little trail down by the river.

the next stop was fort stevens, an oregon state park. the fort was a defense for the columbia river gorge between the civil war and wwii. it was the only military area in the continental us to be attacked by the japanese during wwii.

the west batteries (russell). as one ranger said, there was a battle between a japanese submarine and the americans during wwii and, "nobody was hurt, just some feelings."

i love how the roof is flora

it was as crazy green in real life.

i know its probably just a garden snake, but i've never seen a snake that did not live in a cage.

we took a little drive to the shore to see the peter iredale wreck. it was a british boat that crashed in 1906. i barely got a glimpse. it was so windy that the sand was blowing everywhere, so i snapped a photo and ran for cover. 

on the way back, we stopped at camp 18 for dinner. i really wanted to eat here because it seemed like a hole in the wall. it is in the middle of nowhere, along a long stretch of road with only 1 lane going both ways. 

besides the strange bird (hehe) we had a view of the river from our seat.

i had rainbow trout (my first time) and homemade potato salad. my dad had country fried steak.

for dessert i had marionberry cobbler. a berry i had never heard of prior. it is a kind of blackberry created in oregon. 

all over the property was old logging machinery and wooden statues. good ol' smokey bear :)

now for a song! this song has nothing to do with my trip, but i've been liking it right now. i am not the biggest fan of her songs, but i really like this one. it is a song to listen to when you need a pick me up and need to feel like, 'i am woman listen to me roar.' 'goddess' by banks (boo, all i could find was a sucky lyric video). enjoy!

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