Saturday, January 30, 2016


so this was a long time ago (hence the shorts). during labor day weekend last year, i went with my dad to fort macarthur in san pedro. this was actually a place recommended by a couple we met at our hostel in sausalito back last march. they were from playa del rey (a beach community in los angeles).

fort macarthur was established in the late 1800s as a us army base (ironically, today part of the base is owned by the us air force). it was used for training and defense from world war I to the early years of the cold war. the army used the base to guard the coast from 1914 to 1974.

so mash like.

for whatever reason there was a guy cooking an old fashion dinner the way that soldiers would do it while they were out at war. with some kind of pressure cooker or gas cooker (maybe?). it smelt heavenly, like mashed potaters. also, this was that guys jeep. 

battery farley-osgood is the best preserved battery in fort macarthur.

battery farley

batter osgood.

little, old me.

inside both batter farley and osgood is a museum on the history of the forts, including almost a dozen old vehicles. i thought the most interesting exhibit was on the tunnels that are within the property. they are not accessible to the public (obviously they don't meet earthquake standards), but there are artifacts from archaeological digs inside the museum from when the tunnels were first discovered.

another battery up the hill.

there is also a k9 graveyard. unfortunately it was locked because people have been known to deface the grave markers. does were trained in san pedro during wwii.

a funny jeep with a mustache and a funny dad with a mustache.

i think there may be some private properties on the site and for some reason there was a casket. 

a lonely booth

i definitely want to go back and stay at the hostel on site during a long weekend. it is located at old military barracks (kinda like my time at sausalito). also wikipedia tells me madonna filmed part of her 'like a prayer' video here. awesome.

a chunck of the old fort is angel's gate park. sprinkled throughout the park are little remnants of the land's military history, but the main point of interest is the korean bell of friendship. past the bell, you can overlook the ocean over the bluff. 

also, on the way to the fort we ran into literally hundreds of ninja bikes on the freeway. there must have been some sort of meet up or convention near by. it was so scary seeing them dart past cars. it was hard to keep an eye on dozens of cycles buzzing past your car. there was even one guy with ram horns coming out of his helmet.

it may not be as large as the fort in sausalito, but it was still a great little place nearby to learn a little more about my backyard's role during wwii and defense.

now for a song. i chose 'you are ocean,' by phantogram. it's really pretty, and honestly i prefer his vocals overs hers. enjoy!

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