Friday, January 8, 2016


now finally! the conclusion of my trips to sacramento.....from october. the next day me and my sister went on a little road trip to coloma (about an hour from sacramento). we woke up kind of bright and early and made our trek. coloma is little (and i mean a very little town, with less than 600 population) and up in the hills and near the sacramento river. this is the site where john marshall discovered gold and the california gold rush began. i really wanted to go because the city has a pretty expansive state park, marshall gold discovery state historic park (shp). this is also the first california state park. literally, the city center is a 2 lane street with 2 restaurants and old historic buildings that are either closed or demonstrates the history. coloma is considered a ghost town, something i found out after the fact.

our first stop, was trying to figure out how to pay for parking. apparently, the honesty policy is very big. you just had to fill out an envelope and leave a little cash in a mailbox.

after, we went to a little hippy dippy cafe called the argonaut. it was very cute and used locally grown products. they mainly sold coffee/tea, sandwiches, and pie. kind of made me think of gilmore girls. 

i got an avocado turkey sandwich with a cappuccino while my sister got apple pie. we ate on their little balcony. this was probably my favorite thing of the day. it was nice with fresh weather and good company in a little town full of character.


the old blacksmith shop down the street

another old building...

...and another (the papini house c.1890s)

i saw bambi!

we then made our way to the little museum and visitors center of the shp. there, we met the nicest ranger. if you know me or read this blog you know rangers are my favorite type of people. i don't remember his name but he was the head historian. i bonded with him because we both studied california history and he told me i should work at a state park (but boo :( there are very few in socal). my sister bonded with him over plants and rocks. it turns out he travels around collecting pretty rocks/stones. he gave 'us' (but in the end i let my sister have full custody) a pretty green stone he found and polished. rangers are da best :D

after, we looked through the museum and went to the cute little shop and bought some goodies. my sister surprisingly went a little crae crae.

outside the museum there was a little trail surrounded by relics from the gold rush period, including...

an old jail from the 1800s (and my sister)

mining equipment

and even more mining equipment! 

 reconstruction of a miner's cabin

and a reconstruction of a chinese store.

along the trail we also saw wild grapes (this city girl has never seen grapes in their natural habitat)

it was pretty rainy and windy so there were several people kayaking down the american river.

after, we drove up the hill to see the monument dedicated to john marshall. also up on the hill was an old church, a cemetery and some old buildings.

john marshall's cabin (and a wild gooseball).

near the church was a wood pecker.

further up on the hill is sutter mill cemetery, or pioneer  cemetery. it was founded in the mid 1800s.

originally, we were going to also go to gold bug mine and the el dorado county museum in placerville, but it turned out that the shp was more time consuming than what i thought, something i was ok with. the only place i really wish we went to was gold bug mine. maybe next time.

after, we went to placerville to see the fountain & tallman museum. it was very small and to be honest not that interesting but it was nice to see see a little town with a lot of character. the museum was located in a downtown strip. while there, we also stopped at a gypsy/mermaid store and a hipster coffee shop. the cafe was in an old building and the old elevator shaft was used as the little sugar/milk station. very cool.

that night my sister, her friends, and i went to downtown for mexican food and got brick toast for desert. it is a delicious concoction similar to french toast (minus the egg) filled with ice cream. the ice cream made the toast nice and doughy, yummy.

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the next day, and last day, was chill. we slept in, picked up some coffee at the local produce store, the nugget, and decorated my sister's place with halloween decorations. we then spent the day in downtown davis where we did some shopping. i bought a record at their local shop, armadillo. we then ate at deveres, a little pub. i got fish and chips, she got bangers and mash, but we split each meal in half and shared. after i got some coffee at a hipster shop.

we then went to uc davis, my sister's alma mater, and saw some of the old buildings and walked around the arboretum. not long after that i had to make my way to the airport.

now for a song. i decided on macklemore and ryan lewis' "downtown," because this song reminds me of this trip. enjoy! boo for no music video :(

phew, now finally this post is done. it took forever!

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