Friday, January 1, 2016


another year another post to reflect. this one will be short because unlike others, i decided to do this last minute. meaning the night of. originally i was going to post the last leg of my trip to sacramento (which was like over 2 months ago, but whatever), but tradition trumps.

2015 was a big year but i would dare say not as big as 2104 (my dc internship/trip, my first truly solo trip, presenting at a conference, finding out i was going to be published). 2014 may have been more exciting for me, but 2015 was really a year of transition.

i got a new job YAY. definitely the best thing to happen this year. the journey may have given me a major headache (who likes uncertainty, writing resumes, barely anyone responding, and job interviews), but it was worth it. and i am proud to say by the time i started my first day it only took me a little over 5 months after graduating to find a job. i really enjoy my government job and can see my self moving up and feeling fulfilled while my brain keeps ticking.

i also finally got a physical copy of the journal i'm published in (which i also found out i won best undergraduate paper). YAY me.

i also graduated from college with a b.a. in history (which i definitely don't regret) and a minor in public administration. who says you can't get a good job with a history degree.

and last but not least, my favorite thing about 2015 was traveling to new places! i was able to go on 3 major trips:

new orleans, louisianna

sausalito/tiburon/san francisco/richmond, california

sacramento/davis/coloma, california

and to add, i was also able to go on a few little adventures around the area. most were on this blog (and even one more from this summer that i didn't have time to post, but will be on the blog this year).

next year will be a good year to me. hopefully i will be adjusting more to my job and the 9 to 5 (technically 8 to 5) life, including off my probationary period! maybe i will be moved out of my parents' house, but i am in no rush. it's nice to save money to hopefully afford my own little house by the time i am 30. a girl can dream. also some big trips in the future. towards the beginning of the year i will be in portland and the end in boston. fun stuff. and 2017 will be even bigger!

for 2016, i am done with new years resolutions. i can never really succeed with them and you can assume the resolutions from years past will also haunt me this year.

i decided to twist things up. instead of choosing lea michele's 'aul lang syne' (which i still really love), i thought i would choose a song that has nothing to do with new years but still gives me the same feels. i think that is because it is irish, mentions alcohol, and reminisces on the past. 'mccormacks wall' by glen hansard.

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