Thursday, November 19, 2015


last month, i went up to northern california to visit my sister. i know this is a bit late, but a broken computer and procrastination stopped me. it was a pleasant little weekend to enjoy the harvesty season in a more harvesty area of california. i flew in on a thursday but the very next day my sister had to work, so i decided to take a day trip to sacramento via public transportation. it was not my first visit, but there were some places i wanted to visit and revisit. the first stop was old town.

a monument dedicated to the pony express.

plaque dedicated to john sutter.

i walked a bit (to see the store fronts) and found this cute little breakfast joint / cafe. i got a bite with some coffee and enjoyed a little country music.

the quickest description of old town is it looks like the wild west, just cleaner.

this is the view from the original elevation of sacramento. the city was raised in the 1860s and 1870s to escape floods and disease.

one of my favorite places to go see was the old central pacific railroad freight depot and passenger station, even though it is a reconstruction from the original 1800s one. because it was an early friday morning, it was a ghost town and i was able to take a little stroll and sip my coffee in peace (other than the small delivery truck that almost hit me).

for the halloween season, they had the spookomotive :) this makes me happy

after i walked around a little more in old town and stopped at the sacramento history museum. even though it was a little smaller and outdated (technology wise), i was still charmed. they also had a lot of interactive exhibits, which i always enjoy.

a mosaic in the room sharing the history of the sacramento bee, the local newspaper. also in this room is a historic print shop. for a little donation, the resident print guy or gal will make an old hand pressed poster saying 'name' is wanted as a train robber, the locomotive kid. i love stuff like that :)

in another room, they had an area where children could dress in old fashioned clothes. there was a sign that said 'for the children,' but i beg to differ. age is only a number ;)

me in the 'children's' ye old garb.

another exhibit told the story of a red scare communist 'witch' hunt in sacramento over agricultural labor unions. in the end, you decide if they are guilty or innocent of criminal syndicalism.

huntington, hopkins, &company hardware store (c. 1860s). i wish i had bought a calparks  baseball cap there :(

my next stop was the california railroad museum. i am someone who is not particularily interested in trains, but i love california history, supporting calparks, and seeing how history is interpreted. even though i find trains a bit boring, i really enjoyed my time.

also, they have the nicest docents and workers. one docent told me about how he worked for the sacramento court for over 30 years and wished me a bright future. what a sweet old man. also, a ranger let me go through their stamp collection to put in my nps parks book because the b.f. hastings building didn't have a pony express stamp like the nps website site stated. i know, nerd.

the biggest room was the train garage. my favorite part was the mock-up of the sleeping and dining carriages. when you walk inside, the train would slightly rock to give the affect you were riding the train. i asked the docent if we were moving a little or if i was imagining it. he responded that we were going 50 miles an hour. silly old man.

probably my favorite train (reminds me of southern california for some reason)

a hobo. in the gift shop, i got a camping mug that has hobo symbols. my favorite is a drawing of a cat [like this] which means kindhearted lady.

just a cool light fixture.

the second story focused on model trains. they had a ginormous model that was decorated for halloween. throughout they had little ghosts. i love ghosts :) below are a few of my favorite.

after, i just walked a lot. one of the first stops was the old school house. i like how it was all decorated for fall. it reminds me of when i would go back to school. oh, my youth...

i honestly think tower bridge is my favorite bridge i have ever visited. i know, random, but its gold and so 1930s looking. it's also cool that the people voted to paint it gold.

i took a pretty long walk to the california museum, but it closed early. i was really sad :( i visited last time i was in sacramento and enjoyed it so much. definitely one of my favorite museums ever. next time i will revisit....

the state capitol 

i decided not to go in because i went my last trip, instead i just walked around to admire the random statues and architecture of the surrounding buildings. my favorite little nook was the california peace officers memorial. the memorial includes 3 images of policemen throughout california history, and a woman and child mourning in the distance. such a cool concept.

also a cool flower in the state capitol gardens.

after, i just got some coffee, took the bus back, and went out to dinner with my sister. the highlight of the night was watching pocahontas with our disney store pocahontas crowns. pocahontas was our favorite movie growing up.

now for a song! hozier's 'work song.' like any good song, it makes me sway. also, i despise man buns. may they burn. enjoy!