Saturday, October 10, 2015


a few weeks ago i decided to start acting as i preach and be a tourist in my own city (or really county). i miss my DC days when i would go off in the distance to see a historic site and to be honest, i got that warm and fuzzy feeling inside once again. i am so impatient to travel when i can curb my appetite by just driving a few miles to a new place. on this particular saturday, i went to the pio pico mansion in whittier and heritage park in santa fe springs.

the pio pico mansion is ran by california state parks. when i went, there were only self tours. it was smaller than i thought but i was not disappointed. it was still interesting and had that wonderful musty smell.

pio pico was governor twice of alta california (under mexican occupation). around 1853, he built this adobe on his el ranchito. he eventually lost his land, the home went in disrepair, and in 1917, california was given the property.

my portrait. i tried.

i realize i tend to take pictures of colored glass through windows (i.e. philadelphia and DC).

the courtyard

after, i went to heritage park in santa fe springs. to sum it up, the park is a collection of random historical artifacts/buildings that are either relevant to the city or just have some sort of historical relevance. this includes a carriage, windmill, plant conservatory, a bird aviary, reproductions of tongva structures, and 2 railroad lines. 

my favorite thing about this park (which is not shown through any of these pictures) is the little food hut where they sell "mexican" food. now in no way is this authentic, but it is decent food at a decent price. it just makes the park that much better. you can take a stroll, have a nice meal surrounded by greenery, and continue on your journey.

the windmill (c. 1880)

the victorian plant conservatory

a reproduced tongva kiche.

inside the kiche.

one of my favorite areas was the reproduced santa fe train depot.

another mug shot.

i am also trying to do more "urban sketching," i use this term loosely because i am no good at it, but it is fun. i had a nice man come up to me with this dog and comment on how much fun it looked like i was having. nice strangers are nice :)

now for a song! recently, i bought miranda lambert's album 'revolution' during a random lunch break trip at walmart. i pretty much knew every song already on the album, but one song stuck out the most. i never really paid attention to it before, but i am really enjoying 'virginia blue bell.' it is such a pretty song that uses the metaphor of a flower growing as a time of change and overcoming. unfortunately, there was not a better youtube video :(