Saturday, August 29, 2015


it's a little late, but during the fourth of july weekend i decided to be a tourist in my county and check out some local spots i had not seen in a while and a few new locations. the first stop was olvera street. i had been there 2 times before, but it had been about three years since my last visit. olvera street is one of those places i really enjoy and wish i would go more, but i hate driving. this was the center of los angeles during the ye old days when the area was occupied by spain and mexico. olvera street has great food, cool goodies, and historical sites. the historical sites include the sepulveda house, the avila adobe, the old firehouse, and the chinese american museum.

the entrance to the avila adobe

the avila adobe parlor.

a little succulent garden in the avila adobe courtyard.

the old firehouse.

with my new headband. 

the chinese american museum

after, i went across the street to union station. i just wanted to see how it looked like. i knew it was built in the 1930s, and therefore wanted to see the art deco interior.

one of the terminals in union station.

a tile mural depicting the early years of mexico's independence.

after, i went towards santa clarita and stopped at william s. hart ranch to see the buffalo. they were a gift from walt disney. HERE, you can see my post from 2 summers ago when i the ranch. i miss my blue hair :(

on independence day i went with my aunt last minute to malibu. i spent the night watching the fireworks over the ocean in a stranger's million dollar home. not too shabby.

the next day, my aunt and i checked out a few locations in the santa clarita valley. the first stop was lake pyramid's visitor center to see a little museum on municipal water in los angeles county. it's not everyones idea of a good time but i enjoyed it.

after, we drove down interstate 5 to see what other quick stops we could find. once in kern county, we discovered fort tejon (est. 1854), a california state historical park. the fort consists of old wooden and adobe buildings. some of the buildings include a home, army quarters, a jail, and a chicken coup. interestingly, the army used camels at this location for a small period of time.

soldiers' quarters

 the jail

memorial to the los angeles' camel experiment.

now for a song! 'missed the boat' by modest mouse. only recently did i really discover modest mouse. i knew of them for years but never really heard their songs, except 'float on' and 'dashboard.' i am now a fan. enjoy!