Sunday, May 24, 2015


so this is my second attempt at this post. the fist time, everything was deleted with the press of a wrong key. boo. anywhoo, our last full day was spent in san francisco. some of our destinations were repeats from my last time alone in sf, but i really enjoy them so wanted to visit again. we left early in the morning and took a bus over the bridge. apparently, i look like a 12 year old because the driver charged me a child's fee.

last year, i went to fort point and knew that i wanted to return. the presidio, including fort point, is my favorite place in sf. even though it was not a clear january day like last year, i still enjoyed myself. this year, i also went to the golden gate bridge visitors' center. i can't believe i missed it last year.

and of course i had to go the warming hut again. they still have the best mochas i have ever had.

also, last year i saw hopper's hands (and the little paws below) but never knew the story behind it. now i know that mr. hopper is a worker at the golden gate bridge who noticed that locals who were running along the bay would touch the fence and run back. he decided to make a little sign for runners (and dogs) to touch instead of the icky fence.

fort point

we then made our way along the presidio. it is always such a nice walk. along the way, there were a few stops.

the pet cemetery 

i am so glad to find out about these old refuge huts in a random norcal book. located throughout the city (mostly in people's backyards) are huts that were used for the locals when their homes were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. behind the old hospital are 2. i thought you could just see them, but they are actually open to the public. one is used to explain these huts and the other demonstrates how one would have been lived in. so cool.

i then took forever to find the closest bus station to go to haight ashbury. last year i wanted to go to the anarchist bookstore, but it was closed. as soon one enters the area one is overwhelmed by the stench of weed. ick. i bought 2 books: one by mike davis and the other by howard zinn.

out of bounds anarchist bookstore

i thought it was a good idea to walk down market street towards the downtown area to find somewhere to eat. unfortunately, i realized 45 minutes in that we were walking the wrong way. fortunately i was able to see pink triangle park, which i missed on my last trip. also, i was able to explain to my dad that the castro is not a neighborhood of cubans but lgbt.

pink triangle park and memorial is dedicated to the lgbt victims of nazi germany's actions.

since the whole point of going down market street was to find something to eat, we tried to find somewhere nearby and found the woodhouse fish & co. it has a cool vibe and an oyster bar. i got a delicious bay shrimp and avocado role with fries and cole slaw. nom nom.

after dinner, we made our way back. when we got back to suasalito it was incredibly foggy but sunny. it looked cool.

but there were deer.

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we started our last day early so we could head back home. our last destination was muir woods national park.

breakfast at the hostel.

muir woods national park is not very far from sausalito, but it takes a good 30 minutes to make it up the winding hill. we ended up taking a shorter trail (i'm not really a hiker). the farthest point we walked was to the tree trunk bridge.

i found a friend.

the tree trunk bridge.

there are no trips planned for the immediate future (i started a new job that is in my field, yay, and therefore that is priority). though i hope to go to boston alone in lat summer or fall of 2016 and my first international solo trip in 2017, but we shall see. til then, i want to visit some more local places on weekends.

now for a song. i wanted to pick 'purple rain' by prince, but youtube is being stupid and has no original recordings. boo. so instead i recommend 'brothers in a hotel bed' by death cab for cutie. it is nothing like prince, but a good song.