Sunday, April 12, 2015


a couple weeks ago, i went to hollywood. on most accounts, i really try to avoid going there. i find hollywood tacky (the bad kind), really dirty, really busy, and kind of boring. it really is just a tourist trap, therefore i mostly stayed inside the hotel.

my sister, who lives in northern california, was in hollywood for the tcm film festival. this is like christmas to her. even though i did not partake in the festivities, i stayed with her and my aunt at the hollywood roosevelt hotel for the experience. it is very nice, but i did they maintained their old style. most of the hotel is more modern swanky, but the lobby and some of the hallways do have a more historic look.

this is one of the few times that i actually took the socal metro system. i really love taking public transportation, but most of the time it is impractical in los angeles county.

one of the hallways

the lobby restroom is so pretty.

for lunch we went to the whistle n' pig (c. 1927)

i planned on laying out in the sun by the pool (because that's what you do when you are in an old hollywood hotel). my first day there, the hotel was so crowed and overwhelming, i decided to stay in the patio. 

grauman's chinese theater

fortunately the second day, the pool was not as crowded.

like i said, i do not enjoy hollywood very much. therefore, my weekend was pretty uninteresting with just laying out, reading a book, watching tv, and shopping around the area. really soon i will be on a little trip to northern california. i am excited. we are staying at a hostel that was an old military building. fun stuff ahead...

now for a song! i am a fan of grimes, even though i find it annoying that people would compare me to her when i had blue hair. i do not like all her music, but she has a few really great songs. 'realiti' is a new one that did not make it on her upcoming album. it may not be everyones taste, but enjoy!

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