Friday, March 27, 2015


march and february has been a bit slow, but i am enjoying the pace. now it has really hit that i am done with school, at least at the moment. i'm not gonna lie, it has been a little difficult to get used to. i actually know what free time is, which has allowed me to be more creative and to enjoy what southern california has to offer.

also, i get to actually watch new tv shows. i recently discovered shameless, the us series. it is soooo good! the show is a dark comedy that revolves around a dysfunctional family from the southside of chicago. it is so well written and always takes surprising turns. i also like how it subtly delves into bigger societal issues without being preachy. some of these issues are gentrification, poverty, mental illness, sexuality, and social mobility. when i get into a show, i tend to become inspired to draw something related.

that something is my favorite character, mickey milkovich. he is so badass and complex. it is still a work in progress.

i am also trying to get into gardening. which has been more difficult than i thought. who knew it was so easy to kill succulents. for the most part, all these plants are dead. the top one went through a failed attempt of propagation, the middle one stopped growing, and the bottom one died from root rot. i have some new plants and they are doing better. i hope i am learning from my mistakes.

lately, i have been going to quite a few antique stores. none of these places are really new to me, but i enjoy finding a few goodies a new home. the first place i went to was king arthur's antiques, which is in whittier. it is the biggest antique mall in the state. it is located in an old citrus packaging plant, which is awesome.

my all time favorite place to go antiqueing is the long beach flea market. they always have a wide range of goodies i enjoy looking through the postcards, succulents, clothes, and junk. from my last trip, i picked up an old e.t. pot sitter (my grandma has one just like it), a smokey the bear postcard, a series of southern california postcards, and a display for my earrings.

i celebrated st. patrick's day the best way: with a shamrock shake, the candy of potatoes, and the gallaghers.

in other news i am an auntie sammy!

i also went to a restaurant. i thought i was funny.

also, here is an old picture sent to me from my my old washington dc roommate. this was taken in jamestown, virginia back in july.

now for some exciting stuff! i actually have some fun stuff planned, which means more interesting content. this weekend i will be in hollywood and i am already planning for another trip! in the next few weeks i will be on a road trip to northern california. i am excited.

now for a song. i do not think i have ever posted my favorite song from bob dylan (and if i did, it is so good it deserves to be posted twice). it is not the most obvious choice, but 'mama you've been on my mind is my all time favorite dylan song. it also brings back some memories of community college, rainy days, cross stitching, and reading the book 'into the wild.' oh, when life was simpler (not really). the OG is impossible to find, so the jeff buckley cover will have to do. enjoy!