Thursday, January 1, 2015


on a happier note, i am a college graduate! i have my bachelors in history with a minor in public administration and a plethora of certifications and extra curriculars; i tried my best to add practice to my theory based degree. anyhoo, now it is time to continue the search of finding a job in my field.

as with every year, i will reflect on this past year in a few short sentences. 2014 was a big year for me. i completed two internships, lived in dc for almost 3 months, graduated college, spoke at a conference, and found out i will be published. i am happy to say, that even though things did not always go my way (i have to learn to let things go), i feel accomplished. this year, i may do resolutions but in a different post, maybe.

i spent new year's by myself this year. usually, my i hang out with my sister. we stay in and watch movies, but she had to go back north early. this year, i ordered takeout, watched glee reruns, and cleaned my room. the exciting life of a young 22 year old.

the appropriate attire: bathrobe, sequin dress, and bunny slippers.

man the holidays creeped up. i am a christmas fiend and am a little disappointed to not have the time to really enjoy this time of year. i did not get to do many crafts and outings, but oh well. 

some of my favorite decorations from years past

i love my little christmas tree. it has a mix of ornaments i bought recently, i received as gifts, i had as a child, and my great grandmother's (gewey).

of course my makeshift real christmas tree. everyone should know you can get branch trimmings for free at home depot.

veteran's pier, long beach (its funny how i have been to the beach more this season than most summers).

i love christmas tree farms.

now for some holiday disneyland pictures. this year, i got to go with my sister. disneyland is the best when it is decorated for christmas. new orleans square and critter country are my favorite during this time of year.

last week i went to both long beach and seal beach with my sister

i have seen this pacific electric red car a few times and always thought it was a diner. it is actually a red car museum. who knew. i will have to go back and see it!

the benefit of living in southern california: the sand is still warm in december.

now to keep with tradition i will share the same song i always do every new year's: 'auld lang syne,' by miss lea michele.

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