Tuesday, December 16, 2014


i'm back! it's been a while, but honestly life has not been as interesting. how could i beat my 2.5 month stay at DC!? i have not been up to much, just finishing school and job hunting. not exactly the most exciting. here are a few photos of what i have been up to the last two months. fair warning, it looks like mickey mouse and halloween vomited on this post.

october was a pretty busy month. i am a very festive person, so i did tons of halloween related stuff.

these are a few of my favorite things: scooby do where are you?, pumpkin spice drink in a halloween cup, and looking on pinterest for halloween crafts.

also, one day when i had to go to school early and had a night last class, i decided to have a solo disneyland day for a few hours to enjoy the decorations (christmas and halloween are my favorite times of year at mickey's lair).

my favorite thing at disneyland during halloween time: pumpkin decorating.

goats are funny creatures.

one of my favorite meals at the park, and my cool new cup!

i love these lights!

one of the best things do at the park is grabbing a drink and going on the train. and on a separate day...

i went to the park again! i'm a lucky duck to have a pass.

on the actual holiday i had work, but decided to make the best of my situation. to combine my job (in the aerospace bizness) and my education (history), i dressed up as rosie the riveter who had a horrible accident!

oops, i forgot to take out my ear plug.

and i voted (while wearing my DC shirt). hope you voted too!

i also have one bit of exciting news. in january, i am going to new orleans! it won't be exactly solo, my dad really wants to go, but i am planning it my way. we are staying in a hostel and doing what i want to do. it works out pretty well, my dad really likes american history and going to see those kind of sites. the only things he really wants to do is try the food, which is fine by me. i'm excited. now to just finish with finals....

yes this is disneyland's new orleans. i know, not the same.

now for a song. i have never heard of this movie, but this song keeps popping up on my pandora station.