Wednesday, August 6, 2014


i started my last day just as i had started the day before...coffee. i also took a little stroll around the neighborhood. down the street was elfreth alley (est. 1702), the oldest residential street in the country. it is quaint and the colors of all the house are beautiful. i would love to see it during christmas time. some of the houses still had wreaths and paper snowflakes in the window.

with the union jack.

after packing my stuff, i went to independence hall, the most popular tourist site in philadelphia. in this building, both the declaration of independence and the constitution were signed. honestly, i did not think the tour was that great, but the ranger was a joy.

most of the furniture inside was not original, but the chair in the center was used by washington.

after, i bought a bottle of america's first bubbly, dr. physick, and drank it outside of independence hall. it is a cherry soda and dr. pepper is better.

i also looked at the liberty bell from outside. the line gets really long and i heard it is not really worth it. i was satisfied looking through the window.

i then went to franklin court. this was the area benjamin franklin built his business. it was newly renovated. inside one of the buildings, they have ranger showings of how to use an old printing press. printing was franklin's true passion, though he is not known for it. 

after, i went to reading terminal market to get lunch. i heard this was a must, but honestly it was not worth it. it was way too crowded that i could not enjoy myself. also, because it was so crowded, i was not able to really have a meal i wanted. i decided to settle with chinese, which was good, but i could have gotten lo mein anywhere.

i then made my way for dessert. i had heard about franklin fountain, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and soda shoppe. they also have a candy confectionary a few doors down. it may have been a little expensive, but i think it was definitely worth it just for the experience. i did not expect the ice cream to come in a cute, glass ice cream cup.

i got coconut and coffee ice cream.

i went back to the hostel and chilled for an hour before i had to make my way back to the bus. the ride back was very pleasant. barely anyone was on the bus. 

overall, i am very happy with my choice to go to philadelphia. it is the perfect place to go for a weekend. i always really enjoy my solo adventures and am excited for whats next. hopefully, i can go somewhere in january.

now for a song! i had heard this song more than once, but  it never stuck. on my way home from philadelphia this song popped up when we were driving through a forested area. now, it makes me think of my solo trip. enjoy!

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