Saturday, July 5, 2014


as with last week, this week will include lots of photos. i did a lot on a whim, but really enjoyed myself. i am starting to learn that people in my house do not like to go out on day trips. out of my houuse, i am definitely the one who goes out and sees the city. there is so much to do in DC! anyhoo...

i started off my weekend (friday, after work) going to fuel. fuel is a pizza place a walks away from me. they have decent pizza at a cheap price. they also decorate their walls with old gasoline signs. it screams america. 

the day after, i went to frederick douglas' house. so far, this was probably my favorite site in DC. the only way to see the house is to go on a ranger tour, but it was definitely worth it. i am the type of person that can be really impatient, but the tour was quick and interesting.

the parlor

this is the growler. it was douglas' man cave.

we also happened to walk by the biggest chair in the world. who knew it was in anacostia?

after, i left to the national museum of air & space. on our way, we saw a campaign from wikileaks.

the next day, i went to the national archives. unfortunately,  i could not take any pictures inside. they had some very interesting exhibits. included was an exhibit on important civil rights legislations. one of the most memorable, was two letters written by kids in the 60s in support of desegregation. not gonna lie, it was touching. in another exhibit, one artifact that was interesting was the recorder that nixon used during watergate.

after the archives, i went to the national museum of american history.

here is the furniture from woolworth's lunch counter (greensboro, north carolina). in 1960, a series of sit-ins occurred in support of desegregation.

Woolworth sit-in

call me naive, but i had no idea that the government controlled the media during the gulf war!

this is the filing cabinet that nixon and his accomplices broke into for watergate!

the next day was my day off. for most of the day i did not do much but be lazy, but later in the afternoon, i went to the national museum of the american indian.

while there, i decided to splurge and have a nice meal. i liked how they actually sold native (or native influenced food). pictured above is fry bread with honey and sugar, wild rice and watercress salad, and cafe latte de olle.

and for the last picture. here is a silly bus driver doing a handstand. i understand his reasoning, but he still looks silly.

now for a song, since it is fourth of july, i would pick a song that screams amurica. here is 'fortunate son' by creedence clearwater revival.

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