Friday, July 11, 2014


because my congresswoman was in the annual charity congressional baseball game, everyone in my office decided to go; more often she is the only woman who plays. every year, the game is played at nationals stadium and for charity. also, the democrats and republicans are pitted against each other. as an intern and past winner of the congressional art competition, i was in charge of making the posters that the office would be holding. 

my favorite poster i made was the one i held.

we were even featured on southern california public radio (SCPR)! i listen to podcasts supported by KPCC. i made all the posters pictured below except the one in the middle.

click on the image to read the attached article.

a couple days later, i hung out with my cousin. for my entire trip, she is the only family/friend who will be visiting me. most of my housemates have multiple people visiting several times, but its different for me. most of my housemates live in the midwest, south, or northeast. i live 3,000 miles away. my cousin was here for a teacher conference, and on her last night we went out to eat and saw the memorials.

we went to nandos. i have heard of this place before. it is very popular with the brit youtubers. i really enjoy chicken, so i was a fan. i had some kind of chicken sandwich with lemon garlic sauce, mashed potatoes, and mashed peas.

the next day, i went to the holocaust museum (which you cannot take pictures inside). after, i went to the smithsonian folklidve festival. the three regions that were represented were china, coastal kenya, and inland kenya.

to eat, i had vegetable lo mein and mahamri (a pastry very similar to beignets, but have a slight coconut taste)

after, i went to the national art gallery.

the next day, i went back to georgetown. the first time i went, i was not able to go to the old stone house because it was closed. the old stone house is the oldest enact building in DC; it is pre-revolutionary.

pictured is the kids room. it had pretty colors.

after, i went to dean & delucas. it is hard to explain. it is kind of like a grocery store, but only with departments and speciality items. they sell fresh meals, coffee drinks, alcohol, baked goods/pastries, sweets, and locally grown/made food products.

i had coffee, macaroni & cheese, and a boy scout bar.

i then walked along the c & o canal and ran into this little ledge over the river.

you can't tell from the pictures, but it is a bit scary. it is a concrete runway with no barriers.

now for a song! we are going back to the ye old days when i was in high school. my music of choice was old school punk. recently, i was walking down the street when i heard this song blaring out of a car beside me. loud music is typical in DC, but it is almost always hip hop or rap, especially the neighborhood i live in. listening to this song got me a little excited and i gave the driver a thumbs up. he also got a little excited from my response and started getting more into the music.  i like those little interactions that you can have with strangers. they are pleasant.

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