Tuesday, June 17, 2014

THE Z00 [WEEK 2]

so week 2 was not so eventful. really, the most exciting thing was going to the zoo and when you have a camera from the ye old days (c. 2008) there is only so many good pictures you can take. sunday, we went to the national smithsonian zoological museum. we got to see the baby panda 'boa boa.' people went crazy for that little panda, but my favorite part was seeing the seals. seals are adorable.

also, the friday before, me and my housemates went to the mall at 11 or so at night until 2 to the morning. it was nice. we saw the lincoln, mlk, and jefferson memorial.

for my first day off, i decided to venture off into china town and also go to rita's. i am almost positive they do not exist in california. i ordered a mango italian ice with vanilla custard. it might sound gross, but it just tastes like a really creamy/rich smoothies. honestly though, i think that the custard is really just frozen yogurt.

now for a song! an oldie, but still a goodie. it may be one of his most popular songs, but ray charles' 'georgia on my mind' is beautiful. whenever i hear this song when i'm walking around, it puts a big smile on my face. lately, i have been listening to a lot of blues and jazz. at my internhship, i normally work 9 hour days and skip my lunch, so by the time i make the commute to my place, jazz/blues is the perfect music to listen to. also, normally when i wake up early in the morning (earlier than all my housemates so i can have the kitchen to myself and enjoy my coffee) i listen to early jazz.

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