Monday, June 23, 2014


definitely the highlight of my third week was georgetown, which i went to on my day off. georgetown has a nice blend of old and contemporary. the buildings are old, it's older than DC, but most of the buildings have been transformed into retail and eateries. i also think georgetown is my favorite place to go shopping. even though the area has a lot of high end shops, places i definitely do not shop at, they have all the places i need, such as h&m, urban outfitters, tj maxx, and a forever 21 coming soon. they also have an anthroplogie, a shop i definitely look at but do not buy. the only aspect i wish they promoted was. geogetown onlt has one public historic site, which was unfortunately closed for the day when i went. it is the old stone house and run my the nps.

i am almost positive this was the sign in st. elmos's fire, the brat pack classic. it's kind of sad though, because the sign has not been maintained.

here is georgetown university, otherwise known as hogwarts, says the girl who has never seen a harry potter movie.

for lunch, i decided to go to good stuff eatery. i had "the michelle melt."

at good stuff eatery, the view was this little beauty, a reminder of home :)

throughout georgetown there is not only really old homes, but historic industrial buildings. if i am not mistaken, this building was built in 1917 for paper manufacturing and later was used to store streetcars.

the view from the georgetown waterfront.

they have these bridges all across the little the c&o canal, which was completed in 1850.

it's me! the glorious bag lady.

right before i had to end my day and make my way to class. i decided to stop and get some macarons at olivia's macarons. they were a bit expense, i can get some from home for half the price and twice the size, but i thought what the hell. the two flavors are coconut and cassis, a black currant syrup (it has a berry and tart flavor).

the day before, me and my roommate went to see a movie, x-men to be exact, and decided to go inside  the national portrait gallery. art museums are not really my 'thang,' but they had such a cool little area that connected the two buildings together, the area looked like it was outdoors but had a ceiling with window panels. it looked like a little vortex. it also had this cool little fountain area where water would slightly move with gravity. the area looked unreal.

after, we decided to go towards dupont and see the DC pride parade. it was fun and i got several free beads that the participants threw in the crowd.

it was nice to see the police in solidarity. in the parade, there was even an officer and his partner, which was very cute.

even the cop cars dressed for the occassion


all the restaraunts in the area also celebrated.

now for a song! this is completely random, but i have been listening to disney songs. they just make make happy. it might also be that this california girls misses disneyland. one of my favorites is 'i wonder' from sleeping beauty. i think it is better than the classic, 'once upon a dream.' enjoy!

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