Monday, April 28, 2014


yowza, it has been a long time. honestly my life is really not that interesting (school, work, internship, more schook, blah), so i do not want to post for no reason. anyhoo, i'm thinking of extending this blog much more than what it has been used. i'd still like to continue doing what i am doing (art, diy, life), but to add more. i have been inspired by ohdeardrea's segment 'pictures of recently enjoyed things.' i want to start maybe once a week or two to have little picture diary snippet thing of good things going on to keep the good vibes keep on keeping on. i think its good to look back at the little enjoyed things in life to keep positive. i like the simplicity. i think this blog is going to be much more about recording the good times. also, the picture above is from downtown long beach.

to add, exciting stuff shall happen soon. i do not necessarily want to say it now because things are not 100% official on paper, but this summer will be a bit daring for me. so if things work out they should, i will definitely be updating because 1) i will have more time, and 2) life will be more exciting. it will be a summer of adventure.

yes i am 21 and still do an easter egg hunt at my grandparents house. so what.

now for songs. i am on a country kick, never really thought i would. i used to listen to country a lot as a kid. growing up, it was always playing in my house. now, i am a bit more selective to what i like to listen to. really, the only thing i found, but really really like is miranda lambert and her side project the pistol annies. its good, and her voice is beautiful. i do not really know what my favorite song of hers is, but kerosene is my favorite at the moment. it's got angst.