Saturday, February 1, 2014


so now for day 3, my favorite day! i went to the presidio, the marina, and fisherman's warf. i planned it as my history day, when i would visit the historical sites. my day started off not so great. once again, almost got hit by a car as i ran like an idiot to the bus stop. the ride was long, but i met a friendly fellow who told me random stories about the city. once the bus driver dropped me off at the wrong stop, i took a looonnng walk towards fort point. first, i had to walk past the palace of fine arts (which looks very out of place). 

the palace of fine arts

to my surprise, fort point was directly below the golden gate bridge. i had no clue. to go from the palace of fine arts to fort point is almost 2 miles. even though it was a long walk, it was beautiful. i will admit i tripped more than once on big rocks in the path. the whole strip, golden gate promenade, is a state park. i had to walk past chrissy field and several old buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s (including an old aviation hangar & coast guard station). fort point was definitely my favorite place i visited during my trip.

fort point

inside fort point there are broken windows...

...and when you look through the peephole you see the ocean. it is like something from a novel!

the fort was absolutely beautiful. it is made out of brick and four stories tall with balconies all around the inside. it was the perfect day to visit the fort. it was not too cold and the lighting was absolutely beautiful, which you can sort of see through the photos. my heart flutters when i think about it.

after visiting the fort, i back tracked and stopped at the only food place nearby, the warming hut. it was a cute little cafe / coffee shop / gift shop. they have the best mochas i have ever tried! i always expect a mocha to taste like chocolate milk with a little oomph to it, but the warming hut's mochas actually taste like expresso with a touch of chocolate instead vice versa. it was glorious. it was also a wonderful view outside the window. of course you could see the golden gate.

after, i stopped at the military pet cemetery. it took me a while to find, but i eventually did. unfortunately i couldn't get too close because they were doing construction (the golden gate highway is directly above it). the cemetery is from the 1960s.

after i went to the presidio trust. this is where old military buildings are now used by businesses and non-profits. it took a long time to get to. something that should have been less than a mile away took almost three miles because of the highway construction! i stopped at the presidio trust to visit the walt disney family museum. even though i have my problems with the guy, i love learning about the studio's animation.

the presidio trust

who knew the studio drew naked women for the troops?!

i also stopped at letterman digital arts center (george lucas' creation) to visit yoda. it was less epic than i thought (the statue was tiny, just like yoda)

i then took a bus to fort mason. unfortunately, there are no exhibits or museums at the fort. today the buildings are only used for non-profits and local businesses. once i realized how close i was to fisherman's warf and i had extra time, i decided to walk the coast. during my walk, i ran into ghirardelli square and therefore had to get an ice cream. in the square they have 3 ghirardellis and i don't understand why.

after, i walked along fisherman's warf, picked up a crab cake, and took a bus (the old j line bus) to the hostel. i then decided to grab a coffee so i could stay up late and enjoy the little time i had left in the city.

i left the next morning. it was semi-eventful. i was taken aside by security (i still dont know why), patted down and my palms were tested for explosives. pictured below is my sad little meal (with sad little me) and my journal, where i recorded my entire trip.

like i said in older posts, my trip was lovely. i enjoyed it so much and have so many fond memories because of it. i think about them often. once again, i recommend anyone especially women, to travel alone. as silly as it sounds, i feel more human. a little blabby, but i think it so important to know how to enjoy your own company. anyhoo, it was wonderful and i can't wait to do it again!

now for a song. even though it has nothing to do with my trip, the lyrics aren't relevant and i did not even listen to it when i was up there; it still reminds me of my trip. i think part of it is the sound, but mostly because i remember listening to it during my last work day before i left. this song gets me excited, and since i listened to it before my trip, it got me excited about my trip. i think it would also be a good workout song. maybe? anyways, 'ribs' by lorde. like everyone says, she's talented.