Wednesday, January 1, 2014


welcome 2014! i'm a little sad for the end of the year, i love the holidays, but i am ready for a new beginning. 2013 has been the most challenging year i have faced yet in my short little life. i may have not met all of my resolutions, but i have accomplished the most important one. i am pleased to say that i am happier now than i was this time of last year. i think 2014 will be a really good year. this month i am going to san francisco, hopefully this summer i will have an internship in d.c., and by the end of this year i will be a college graduate. above is my makeshift christmas tree. for the last four years, i claim free christmas tree clippings at my local hardware store. earlier, i had it decorated with bows, bells, garland, and sparkly pine cones, but i forgot to take a picture, bahumbug. i keep my makeshift christmas tree until it dies in mid-january. i just love the smell of christmas trees

unlike last year, i hope to keep a calendar in my room. every year i get a planner, which i use to the max, but i always forget to update wall calendars. i found this great free printable calendar by shhh my darling.

i spent my new years rather tame. i had a late work day, but i still somewhat celebrated. i picked up some fries and coffee, wore my sparkly dress, and ate some cream puffs. also, to celebrate the end of the year, me and my sissy watched 'this is the end.'

now for a song. to keep with tradition, i will recommend the same song i posted last year on news year. it is a very pretty cover and very appropriate. it also melts my heart a little.

now a segue. speaking of the past, when cleaning through old junk i found one of my drawings from the ye old days. i drew it in the second grade when i was in an art class at my local community center. this was over 15 years ago. yikes.

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