Wednesday, January 22, 2014


my second day was supposed to be my easy day, but when i realized just how close everything was, i became ambitious. i went to haight ashbury, the mission, the castro, and chinatown. i left in the mid-morning (with barely any sleep) to haight ashbury. i first stopped at 'coffee to the people,' a cool little coffee shop. i did what any tourist would do, and ordered 'the golden gate,' a white mocha with orange flavoring. unfortunately, the whole reason i went to the district was to stop at a bookstore (which was closed for the day). after walking to golden gate park, i left to my next destination

found while walking down haight towards the mission district. i then decided to walk back towards the castro

the castro theatre.

after the castro, i decided to make my back towards the mission district. my real purpose was to see the street art. i also stopped at 826 valencia, a quirky pirate shop, and clarion alley. clarion alley was really interesting. not only was it colorful with some beautiful artwork, but much of the artwork carries a political message or critizcizes american society.

clarion alley

after, i went back to the hostel and met with two of my roommates to go to chinatown. which was really close to the hostel. my favorite site in chinatown was the chinese historical society museum. part of the museum shows the race relations between chinese immigrants and the dominant american culture. my own academic research emphasizes on race relations in california.

barbary coast plaque. the barbary coast was the red-light district of san francisco. this was where were brothels, bars, and drug dens.

dragon's gate, the main entrance into chinatown. 

kind of random, but this day will be remembered as the day i almost got hit by a car twice, oops.

now for a song. 'serpentine' by chris bathgate. it's pretty.

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