Wednesday, December 25, 2013


YAY for christmas songs. i am a sucker for holiday songs and here is a compilation of my favorites. i tend to really like one song and the many covers of it, so i for most songs i recommend more than one version. also, this little embroidery snow globe i made on christmas eve eve.

'christmas time is here' by vince guaraldi. also from the charlie brown christmas special, 'hark! the herald angels sing.'

'white christmas' by otis redding. also, from glee. i am a sucker for soulful christmas songs.

'please be home for christmas (bells will be ringing)' by kelly clarkson. her voice is incredible. another good song from the album is 'every christmas.'

'run run rubolph' by chuck berry. also, by kelly clarkson.

'sleigh ride' by the ronettes. they also sing a good cover of 'i saw mommy kissing santa claus.'

'all i want for christmas' by my chemical romance. also, by michael bublĂ©

'last christmas' from glee. also, by xx.

'river' by joni mitchell.

now for my all time favorite christmas song and arrangement....'baby it's cold outside' from glee, the song that got me watching glee. there is a also a really good version by anthony green, from circa survive, and mindy white. the only problem i have with this song is the creepy lyrics. i do recognize that this is the 'blurred lines' of christmas.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


YAY for the holidays! it's my favorite time of year :) i just got out of school and have had some time to relax. i didn't get to do as many holiday crafts as i would have liked, but i did get some stuff done.


this is really the only craft i have done this year. i have been wanting to make a snow globe for years but have been wary to because it could leak. for some reason i never thought of making one without any liquid. i really like how it turned out and was pleasantly surprised how the snow flakes stuck around the glass to make it look like it was snowing. i thought the hardest task would be painting the tree, but in fact it was removing the adhesive mess on the jar. also, the reindeer was my great grandmothers, "gewy."

even though i made this nutcracker two years ago, i thought i would show it. it is modeled after the possessed nutcracker at disneyland's haunted mansion, the seance room.

now for a song. i thought i would pick something that makes me think of winter. like i have said before,   bon iver music is the kind you listen to when you are in the middle of the woods and it's snowing. my favorite song of his is 'the wolves (act I & II). it is just a simple and pretty song. enjoy.