Sunday, November 24, 2013


i know it is late, but i thought i would have an overview of the last month. october was the month of research and tons of reading. i thought this semester would be the one for creative relief, but that's okay. anyhoo, i thought i would share a little about my month and what i got done. first, some halloween crafts. i love the holidays :)

this wreath is from last year, but i think it turned out badass

snow white's poison apple. i have learned to stay away from glitter as much as possible. even though i made this over a month ago, i still find glitter on my face.



and here are my nails for the first half of October. they remind me of goosebumps or nickelodeon.

i went to disneyland on halloween (and right before school). my costume was really simple because i did not have time and this was last minute. i was pebbles from the flinstones.

a mint julip (which looked a bit spooky) and my blood dripped halloween nails.

now for song of the post: 'lungs' by chvrches (not a typo). i have heard this song a couple times on my pandora station and for some reason this weekend it just clicked. i'm hooked. really catchy and i love her voice. often, i find high pitched singing annoying (though ironically i love pierce the veil) but her voice is so captivating. i'm surprised this song is not one of the more popular ones from their album. 

hopefully next month there will be more posts. i thought i would add that someone from tunisia saw my blog. that's pretty badass. i always check to see where people are looking at my blog. i have no idea how people find me. makes me curious.