Thursday, August 15, 2013


about a month ago i travelled to the Sacramento area to visit my sister. it had not been my first seeing the city, but it was my first time on a plane by myself. i share the unpopular opinion of enjoying plane rides. they're fun.

i departed from a really small airport. instead of going on the plane through a little tunnel i actually walked on the tarmac. i felt glamorous & important, like an old time movie star.

my first day i stayed in davis, but the second day i went to sacramento. last year when visiting sacramento i went to old town, but this year i decided to go the capitol building. it was my first time seeng the capitol building.

the temporary exhibit was on the dust bowl. it was wonderful. this exhibited included political cartoons and woody gunthrie (this automatically makes it better).

after that, we had lunch at a little cafe in Bishop Gallegos Square and visited the California  Museum. this was definitely the highlight of my trip and i would recommend it. this museum has a great balance between history/culture, information/interactive-ness, and positive/negative aspects on California. i really enjoyed the exhibits on the prison system, agriculture, war, and hollywood. the staff was also very nice. 

the last day was my relaxing day and i stayed in downtown davis. one of the last things we did was visit the nugget: a cute little grocery store with these epic statues. overall it was a really fun trip, especially with the challenge (that was not much of a challenge) of being limited to bikes or busses as transportation.

even though i was not completely independent, this trip has made me yearn to travel solo. for sacramento/davis i created the itinerary by myself. in the next six months i will go on a solo trip to san francisco. there are multiple reasons why i want to do this. i want to test myself on being completely self reliant but i also want to see if i enjoy traveling alone. i am an introvert and know how to enjoy time by myself, but am also unafraid of talking to strangers or asking questions. i'm excited for the experience and challenge. hopefully i will have a good time so in the future if i want to travel somewhere and nobody wants to accompany me that will not stop me.

now done with this deep shit. for a song! i am obbsessed with 'hurricanes' by ms mr. 98.7 fm has been really good about introducing new music. the music video is not of my taste, but the song is so catchy. her voice is pretty simple but lyrics and melody is so good.

also, isn't jerry browns first governor portrait epic.