Monday, July 22, 2013


(i know it is way overdue), but i celebrated Am-u-rica's birthday the true Am-u-rican way: consumerism. i went to the Americana in Glendale, one of my favorite places in L.A. I know it is lame, but it is my favorite shopping center in the county, even more so than the Grove. of course i went shopping, but also stopped at the book store, ordered a coffee, and looked at craft books in the third story balcony. it was wonderful. hopefully i ill get started on my sewing machine, but i have already been discouraged. booo.



the day after, we went to the Saugus cafe in Newhall which was founded in 1898 and moved to its current location, across the street, in 1905. i recommend it. then we went to the William S. Hart ranch and park. The Santa Clarita Valley is one of my favorite places. i am sentimental towards it, but it also has this great old/western California, late 1800s, vibe. Hart Ranch was donated to the county after William S. Hart's death (he was a silent star in cowboy movies). in the park there are of course trees, but there are also his 2 houses, an animal farm, and camping grounds. there are old buildings from SCV that were preserved and moved to the park, included is the Saugus train depot, 2 victorian homes, and an old adobe.


while at the park, we got root beer because it was necessary. also shown,  are my nails for the special occasion. there are little sparkly stars on my pinky.

a walking distance away is the Saugus train station which was relocated out of its original location across the street from the Saugus cafe. the station was going to be used for firing practice for the fire department, but was saved by the local community.

now for a song: 'my legs are weak' by Paloma Faith. i love the sound. very few sonfgs make me want to dance it has a great old soul/midcentury vibe, but the intro makes me think of coppola's 'the outsiders,' my all time favorite movie.