Monday, June 10, 2013


YAY. i am out of school. now i can get back into my sweet little blog. this semester was so difficult. i definitely took on to much, but i am glad i did. i have a new appreciation for the little things and have learned to use my time more wisely. i have definitely pondered on some philosophical, and maybe lame questions this year. i have realized what is important to me and that i should enjoy this time in my life and not feel guilty for not being in career mode for 24 hours. i am so much more than a historian. my new motto is 'fuck it.' just go out and do.

anyways, done with the deep shit. i have a lot of diy's i want to start, i just need to learn how to use my sewing machine. also, as pictured above, i started a new project. i haven't started a new one since december. i have so many that are just about finished, but i am not completely satisfied. one day i will upload them,

now for the picture above. i have been re-watching the show skins (uk version) lately. i still really enjoy it and share the unpopular opinion of liking the 2nd generation the best and the 1st generation the least. even if somebody does not like the stories they must at least appreciate the filming, editing, and music. the show is really well made. anyways, kaya scodelario is stunning. i have always wanted to draw her. this is going to be a mixed media project with pencil, watercolor, prisma color, and maybe thread and ink. who knows.

like i said before, this summer i plan on doing several diy's and projects. i also plan on traveling. i will be going to davis and hopefully san diego. maybe i will also get a tattoo. maybe.

now for the song. i decided to pick one of my favorites from the show. it makes me think of summer. this song was played in freddie's episode from the third season. the post title is also a reference.

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