Saturday, January 5, 2013


YAY, so here is the first of the California postcard posts. i did some research online to find out if these were actually genuine or reprints because i do have some of those. i have come to the conclusion that these are in fact fakes, but i don't mind. i kind of guessed it because of how bright the ink is, but i could be wrong. Stephen F. Willard, the artist, was known for his work in palm springs' scenery. these are reprints of postcards somewhere between 1930 & 1945. 

"the desert gives us at times some of the most astounding combinations of scenery. the brilliant wild flowers  and date gardens with a back drop of snow-capped mountains only a few miles away are hard to believe." oh, how i love old California advertisement. it was so much more unsubtle then.

"in the jungle, Palm Canyon, California. to appreciate the canyon and its tropical beauty, one must go down into it and wander through its luxuriant jungles of native fan palms."

hopefully i will start doing more more projects, either art or diy. the new years is a time of transformation, and also a time when i start to reorganize my room and make changes with my self and how i utilize my time. because of this, i tend to do tons of diys. i may also include some from last year that i never shared. i hope upload a les mis post with a project i am currently working on and some some of my favorite songs from the musical/movie. i've already seen the movie twice, so good.

now for the song of the post. it is another radio hit, but i really haven't listened to new music in any other way. so damn catchy. 'trojans' by atlas genius.


  1. I found 2 Stephen Willard postcards that belonged to my Grandmother. Writing one says "Dates Growing in the Garden of the El Mirador, Palm Springs..." and the other is of the palm springs tennis club. Was trying to find out something about them when I came across your post.