Thursday, January 31, 2013


soooooo. no updates lately and i'm ashamed. maybe this pretty picture will suffice? being overwhelmed by school is an understatement, so who knows how much i will be updating art or diy's because they can be time consuming. this semester will definitely be the most challenging and adding on to that i have a volunteer position! this is a good thing, but this will also be limiting my blog activity. my blog will probably be a lot more life and california oriented until i have more control and time in my schedule.

i am thinking of making a post on how i organize and manage school and life. it may help whoever wanders on this blog, but will also help keep my life well organized and managed by having it be a constant reminder. i am trying to keep my life more orderly. it's a favor to myself.

now for a song. i have always known who tracy chapman was, but i had never heard of her song 'give one reason' until recently. such a great, soulful song. kelly clarkson also does a great cover.

this picture was taken near the pike and shoreline village in long beach.


  1. You are too hard on yourself, Sam. You do absolutely amazing art work. I have a blog and I was going to post my diy projects, I'm old, like 58, and I have all of my materials, paint etc. and I sit and read blogs, go to my daughter and son in law's house, get my hair colored and go to the shotting range (not much of that going on right now, with Congress having their panties in a wad regarding gun control.) Take more pride in your work and stop apologizing for not blogging. You are young and crazy busy, it is OK.

  2. wow i just noticed these comments. this is new. i'm flattered. you guys are very nice. thanks guys :D