Wednesday, January 9, 2013


i know it is late, but i have been thinking of achievements i want to make this year and the best way for me to follow these are by making them public. this is my proclamation for myself. i always thought resolutions were kind of pointless. why do you have to start them on the first of the year instead of any other day, but now i kind of get it. in the start of a new year i feel like a new person and i see clearer the better person i want to be, so here it goes.

1. read more. ever since i started college, and being a history major, i have seen reading as a chore, but this is going to change. i have already started 'papertowns' by john green and will be clearing my book shelf to start buying new books (no kindle for me). i also plan on reading 'perks of being a wallflower,' 'the hunger games,' 'the velvet rage,' 'the devil may care,' 'the fault in our stars,' and ' miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children.'

2. estoy aprediendo español. slowly, but surely.

3. rid myself of some clutter

4. clean out my computer. i have so much stuff stored. i also need to update my external.

5. do more fun stuff around the area. so-cal has so much to offer and i should take more advantage of that. i also want to learn more about the history. this will also lead to more posts.

6. be more crafty, especially for the holidays, and make more art. this will also lead to more posts.

7. of course post more.

8. lower my stress level. this is the key to everything. it will allow me to be more productive, do more i enjoy, and over all and most importantly, allow me to be happier. currently, most of this stress i'm going through is because of a young adult crisis i am experiencing, but it is getting better.

also, these pictures are of me in the ye old days. a time when i was über blonde and über tan. i remember these were taken in Malibu when i was in the third grade. i use to love going there as a kid and have such wonderful memories. now for song of the post....it is a broadway tune. it is called 'runaway with me' and sung by Aaron Tveit, currently known as Enjolras from Les Misérables. i have been obsessed with this cover since october. enjoy.

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