Friday, December 14, 2012


i thought i would start including in my blog interesting places i go to. i am a history major, and enjoy going to historical places in california. this isn't something that will be talked about often, because i don't get out much.

a few weeks back, i went with my aunt to where the st. francis dam was once located. a site where the second worst disaster (the san francisco earthquake beats it) and absolute worst manmade disaster in california history occurred. my aunt has always lived around the area (even once in the canyon) and had never visited. prepare to be amazed by my high quality photographs from my 2008 kodak camera.

doesn't this look like where the walking dead would be filmed? this is the road you walk to reach the site.

 march 12, 1928, the dam collapsed. the dam had previously been looked over because carekeepers complained of a crack in the dam, but it was overlooked. the water travelled down the san francisquito valley, emptied to the santa clarita riverbed flooding nearby cities, continued to ventura county, and emptied the debris and bodies into the pacific ocean. some bodies were found as far down as mexico. once the flood reached a certain point, people were being killed not by the water (which was only travelling 6 miles/hour), but all the debris it picked up. in 1928, the death toll was short of 400, but since then bodies have been found. the last one being in 1992.

the center of the dam was left erect in the canyon and nicknamed the "tombstone." it was demolished the next year because an 18 year old fell from his death when some students threw a rattlesnake at him.

i didn't have any good pictures, but some of the boulders are still there and you can see the steel frame of the dam running through it. 

a man by the name of mullholland, which i'm sure many angelinos have heard of, was the chief engineer of the dam. interestingly enough, the hollywood dam is also of almost identical design. mullholland was one of the men that checked the crack before the dam collapsed. he is famously remembered for stating these words: "the only people i envy in this whole thing are the dead."

i thought i would stick with song recommendations. this song has been everywhere, but it gets me so amped when i hear it on the radio. damn catchy, and i love how rough his voice is. 'sailing' by awolnation.

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