Tuesday, December 18, 2012


so i thought i would introduce a new segment here. since i am adding history to a previously strict art blog i have been thinking of new ways to do updates because art takes a while and going out to all these places isn't typical. since i am a collector of vintage california postcards, i thought i would start making posts whenever i get a new one. i like postcards because they are a combination of a few of my favorite things, art and history.

i know this picture has nothing to do with postcards, but i thought i would at least post something aesthetically pleasing. i went to the tide pools at san pedro during my thanksgiving break. for some reason this little area looked like fish scales. i say witch craft.

now for another song. i will admit that i do like me some country and this song has been  on repeat. her voice is gorgeous and the lyrics are so relatable as a determined young woman. merry-go-round by kacey musgraves.

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