Friday, November 30, 2012


this is waaaaaay overdue. i did this maybe 2.5 years ago and simply forgot to ever upload it. i had never done anything like thisprior. it's not really my style, but i had recently been inspired by artists that drew very stylized and doll-like. i used two different pens for this and for some reason the lines i did with the thinner pen turned brown.

also, last time i uploaded i forgot to give a song recommendation, oops. lately i have been listening to very bon iver inspired music because this is the only kind of music i can listen to when doing college work. i describe it as music you listen to in the middle of the woods. the cover of this this song by birdy is pretty popular, but i prefer the original so much more. i can never get tired of this song and have listening it on repeat for months. so here it is, skinny love.

lastly, i don't know exactly what i will upload in the next month, but i plan on one post being my holiday diys with a small selection of my favorite holiday songs, yes i'm a sucker for those.

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