Friday, November 30, 2012


this is waaaaaay overdue. i did this maybe 2.5 years ago and simply forgot to ever upload it. i had never done anything like thisprior. it's not really my style, but i had recently been inspired by artists that drew very stylized and doll-like. i used two different pens for this and for some reason the lines i did with the thinner pen turned brown.

also, last time i uploaded i forgot to give a song recommendation, oops. lately i have been listening to very bon iver inspired music because this is the only kind of music i can listen to when doing college work. i describe it as music you listen to in the middle of the woods. the cover of this this song by birdy is pretty popular, but i prefer the original so much more. i can never get tired of this song and have listening it on repeat for months. so here it is, skinny love.

lastly, i don't know exactly what i will upload in the next month, but i plan on one post being my holiday diys with a small selection of my favorite holiday songs, yes i'm a sucker for those.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


so this is what i have been working on. like i said before, nothing very creative, just trying to enhance my skill. i never noticed that taking a picture of it you can really see what proportions need work. good to know.

Friday, November 16, 2012


so i've been away. i have been busy, but i have also managed to put in some art time. everything is just a work in progress right now. next week i have no school, so even though i will be doing a ton of college work i will also be trying to do a ton of art work. in the next few days i will post a work in progress. it's really only a sketch, but i am trying improve my skill right now, not so much my creativity. hopefully during my break i will also start and finish my title image.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


so i thought i would show my halloween costumes for the last 4 years. i never realized just how much i dress like a little boy, but i guess for me i always think that there are only 2 options for a costume: slutty or little boy. i don't think there is any problem with slutty costumes, it's just not for me and i find it impersonal. it's also fun to make a costume myself, which all 4 i did. I think i'm most proud of my peter pan costume, because i sewed the shirt myself, but my favorite is my hamburgular costume. by the way, i sew all my costumes by hand, because sewing machines don't like me.

 i think for every post i'm going to start adding a link to a song i am currently listening to. most of the time they really won't have anything to do with the post, including today. todays song is one i found on pandora, it is such a beautiful song. i always really like songs that sound like lullabies and this one is appropriately called 'lullaby.' what makes it even better is having the banjo on the track!  'lullaby' is by the band dark mean from hamilton, ontario.