Thursday, October 25, 2012


see, i told you i was going to post today. this was a doodle i did in 5 minutes with no reference. i'm awfully proud of how well it turned out. it definitely has its flaws, but for no reference and 5 minutes i'm happy. even though it is medusa, it reminds me of the crystal ball head at the haunted mansion.


so i've been freshening up my blog. i've had it for almost three years and it was about time. i'm still working on it, but this pretty much id going to be the feel. i really am going to try to update much more. like what always happens, i have these projects that are just about done, but i am just not happy with them. maybe i'll just upload them anyways as they are and then upload them once again when i a feel they are done. it will be like a progress report. i do have more time now because i am currently unempoyed, but school is really kicking my butt. i kind of also want to turn this blog not just only an art blog, but add maybe what has been up with me with photographs. this is mostly for me, so i can look back at my life. i'm really excited about this change and promise i will upload tonight a short little doodle. i also hope this weekend to work on the header of this blog. the current one is just temporary, i am going to eventually upload an image, but we'll see just how long it takes.