Thursday, June 21, 2012

i drew this a little over a week ago. it's a sketch of the view right outside one of the windows at work. it was a slow day on the register and this kept me busy. i am hoping to do more of these, but who knows when there is going to be another slow day. i drew a little lizard because that day a co-worker caught one. i also gave this to him because he asked if he could have it, and i obliged because there really is no need of me to keep a napkin, hence why my name is on it. i never sign because i personally find it tacky, but since i gave it to someone i thought i might as well.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


 so i am getting into the flow of things. i'm out of school currently with a useless degree, a.a. in history, and out of my initial phase of laziness. for the last week i have been drawing which is good and means i will be updating more, but will also be slowed down because i currently work 5 days of the week and will be starting summer school in the next couple weeks. i thought i would start off my drawing streak with an eyeball. they are my weakness and i wanted to start small so i wouldn't be filled with disappointment if a big project didn't work out. i must say i am pleased with the result and have gotten a lot of support from facebook about drawing again which i hate to say, but is even more motivation. p.s. i will be updating my blog format soon. i did change it to white and am planning on changing it even more, but it will take some time.