Monday, March 12, 2012

i'm not gonna lie, i've have been lazy. but i have been working on stuff, just not as much i use to. now i never feel content with a piece being done. there are currently 3 things i am working on, but hopefully i will finish 2 soon. i thought i would upload some of the diys i have worked on since the new year. lately i have been feeling more crafty, but i think that's because it doesn't take as long to complete.

A. bag with acrylic. i used masking tape for the solid lines. i also created the colors myself. grand total $2o.oo

B. i've been having fun creating jewelry. i go to bead shows and collect little neat things and whenever the time comes, i will mix them together. pewter band with quartz. grand total $5.25 (left). brass art deco ring with brass gear and hand carved mother of pearl cameo on abalone base. grand total $7.oo (right).

C. an old pillow i painted a design on with acrylic. grand total: free!

D. morrocan lantern made out of a cool peach mason jar, metallic brown puffy paint, and emeral glass paint. grand total $7.oo