Friday, May 20, 2011


2008. i never liked this when i made it my sophomore year of high school, but now i do. i made a few tweeks (less layers) and made it simpler than the original. it looks a 100x better. i used photoshop.


2010. i made this in my junior year of high school. we had to incorporate an eye with a wave. i don't think i did the best, but in the end i like the way it turned out. the foam got to dark, so i decided to tear a layer of the illustration board and it made a cool texture. i used ink, prisma colored pencils, and watercolor.


2009. i know it's not the best, but i look the look of it. i made this towards the end of my junior year into summer. it is based of off a photo of william beckett. proportions are way off, but it looks cool. i used a scratchboard.


2008. another piece done in the 10th grade. that year the aada got new macs and we had to make a project depicting our farewell. i used photoshop

O 31

2008. this is so old! i made this in my sophomore year, not exactly one of my proudest moments. it was for a halloween contest in the local newspaper, long beach's the press-telegram. i lost. i look at this and it reminds me of how bad i use to be. the anatomy is so wrong. i used ink, colored pencil, pencil, and photoshop.


2008. this was originally an ad for the centennial anniversary of converse (not made by me); i added myself at the end. at the time, i was a huge converse, sex pistols, and green day fan and i thought the whole set-up of this ad was cool. i made this in my sophomore year of high school's image manipulation course just for fun. i still really like this project. i used photoshop.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


2008. i can't believe i haven't uploaded this yet. i have never made a piece since like this (or have this many layers). i put, at the least, over 20 hours in this. the drawing isn't the best, but then again i was a sophomore in high school. it's suppose to be bob dylan even though it is from a photograph of cate blanchett in "i'm not there." i have been told it looks like michael jackson -___- the quote is from bob dylan an the tiny words are titles of some of his songs. i used ink, watercolor, paper, and photoshop.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


BAHUMBUG again! i have to remake a video i made over 3 years ago. it is impossible to convert it at the state it is currently in. i'll be busy tonight -___-
-update: ultimate fail....


2o11. i got this idea from a tattoo i saw online of snow white. growing up my favorite princess was jasmine, but now it is pocahontas (it probably would've been pocahonotas growing up, but i didn't realize she was a princess at that age). Throughout the years i have been mulan, belle, ariel, and pocahontas for halloween (also meg, who was considered a princess for a while). i'm not very good at acrylics, so it didn't turn out as well as i would have hoped. it looks better in person, acrylic, especially glossy acrylic, doesn't look very good scanned and i'm not a pro at photoshop. i have been working on many projects, but i keep skipping around so i have all these uncompleted pieces. also i'm gonna start putting a little label on all my stuff not so much for copyright reasons, but for if some reason one of my images starts traveling throughout the internet someone can find the original. this piece was made with acrylics, watercolor, and ink with crow quill.