Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SAE 2011

2o11. last night didn't go so well (previous post), but today was good! so this is the gallery at my college i talked about last month. i went to the ceremony, where i knew absolutely no one, and not thinking i would win at all. i thought i was in the category for drawing/painting (should have looked at my info sticker), when really i was in freehand drawing. since drawing/painting winners were released towards the beginning i thought i had lost, but decided to stay for the whole ceremony. to my surprise i was announced the 1st place winner for my category! i won some money, but i don't know the amount yet. also, about the name title i know it's stupid. i was filling out the paperwork with my old art instructor in march and when i came across the fill in the blank for the title i told him 'i don't name stuff, so i guess i'll write untitled'. he said i should just write ' i don't name stuff'. i was glad when they announced my name they didn't say the title too. after the reception i got meself a celebratory slurpee :)

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